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Catalog of Greenware*

PLEASE NOTE: This catalog is exceptionally large , some pictures are still missing, it will take time to load the files.

Some items will appear multiple times under different categories.

I have just updated all sections with a price increase. Pages are PDF's. You may need to re-download all sections, since ALL of the sections have had price changes (2/20/2023)

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot do wholesale orders. I do ALL the pouring cleaning and firing in the shop (alone) along with teaching.

The prices shown in this catalog are *GREENWARE*

Bisque is double the price shown
and sizes listed are approximate due to shrinkage when drying & firing.

*Greenware (unfired items) cannot be shipped,
only Bisque (cleaned and fired)

Prices are subject to change & might not be upto date on this website.

There is no order form on this site.
To place an order
e-mail me @ 
I will need the following information:

  • Item: Description & Mold # for each item
    (Page it appears in catalog is a big help)

  • Quantity

  • Your Name, Billing Address (& Shiping address if diferent from Mailing)

  • E-mail & Phone # 

NOTE: Shipping will be figured when everything is packed. I will then Send a (PayPal) invoice to your E-mail address which can be paid with ANY credit or debit card.

*A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of $10.00 is required to start your order.
This deposit will be applied to the total purchase when it is ready to ship. If you choose not to purchase the order the $10.00 is forefit.

If the order is "Special Order" meaning customized/altered,
a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of HALF is required to start the order.

You will need to call me to discuss alterations & "Special Requests".

Section 1: ANIMALS & FIGURES 70 pages
revised 2/2023

Section 2: HOLIDAYS 53 pages
revised 6/2024

Section 3: HOUSEWARES  59 pages
revised 2/2023

This updated catalog is everything we have available in the Shop.
You can see some "Finished" Equine items that are available in my horseramics catalog:

If you need a print copy of this catalog, you will need to print it from this web site. I do NOT have printed copies for sale