MADShop: 336-751-7655


  • Greenware, poured in our Shop. Occasionally purchased from other shops. Bisque Ready to paint items that have been cleaned and fired in our shop NOT imported from overseas!
  • Colors For Earth
    CC's Color Concentrates (like Duncan's EZ strokes)
    CS's Color Strokes (like Concepts, Stroke n Coat etc.)
    CGE's Glazes
    DLS's Designer Lava Stone Glazes
    CSP's Mediums (Designer, Gloss and Matt) Flowing Art, White Drape, White Foam, Relief Motif. Clay Dimensions (like French Dimensions)
    Other CFE products can be ordered like Glass colors, brushes Class in a bag.
  • Duncan NON fired Products
    OS's Opaque Acrylic "stains" NON fired colors
    TS's Oil based translucent stains
    GS's Granite Stones
    PL's Pearls
    UM's Metalics
    SG's Brush on Glitter colors
    AS's NON fired Snow & Brush on Sealers
    SS's Spray Sealers
  • Duncan Fired Products
    IN's Envision Glazes
    CY's Courtyard Glazes
    CR's Crystal & Crackle Glazes
    SN's Satin Glazes
    SY's Specialty Glazes, Wax Resist and fired Snow
    OG's Fired Gold, White Gold, Mother of Pearl and Essence
  • Brushes, Cleaning tools, Sanders, Sponges etc.


  • Greenware, pouring special items, keeping them wet for you to work on or altering them, while wet.
  • Firing
  • Teaching
  • Parties or tours (home schooling, Scouts etc.)
  • Seminars
  • Custom painting
  • Finished ware
  • Trophies
  • Vendor at Craft and Horse shows